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Chie Sawaguchi (沢口 千恵 Sawaguchi Chie?, born May 21, 1975 in Tokyo) is a Japanese seiyū, best known as the voice of Nao Nitta in Boys Be. She is currently affiliated with the talent management firm Across Entertainment and previously affiliated with Production Baobab and Aoni Production.

Sawaguchi has alternatively worked under the pseudonyms Chie Ishibashi (石橋 千恵 Ishibashi Chie?, this is also her real name) and Rie Sawaguchi (沢口 りえ Sawaguchi Rie?). She is married to fellow seiyū Kenji Nojima since 2004. She is also the older sister of Yūko Ishibashi.


Record Of Lodoss War OST

  • Sakasamano niji (Upsidedown Rainbow)
  • Mori no Juujirou (A Japanese song with an Arabic touch)
  • Hikari no suashi (Main Ending theme for Lodoss War)


Sawaguchi's songs are notably delicate and classical. Sakasamano Niji, is a song about a lonely person who probably lived a life without someone loving her (in which points out to be a girl). Her voice in this song has ghostly values, which actually gives an almost impression of the song which she tried to convey. The lyricist, as for now on default is probably written by Sawaguchi herself. Her skills in singing are very interesting and it is good to further her works in the future.

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