Chickenhare is a graphic novel written and illustrated by the American author Chris Grine. It is published by Dark Horse Comics.


It follows the story of Chickenhare, a rare and exotic cross between a chicken and a rabbit, and his bearded box turtle friend, Abe.

The first installments in the series, (published Sept '06) is titled Chickenhare: The House of Klaus in which we are introduced to the Chickenhare universe as well as a few major characters , Banjo, a krampus (which has not yet been explained) and Meg, yet another mystery. One new race has also been introduced, the Shromph.

Dark Horse Comics has opted not to publish a third book in the Chickenhare series. Therefore, its creator, Chris Grine, has decided to publish the third installment as a web comic. The projected start of this project is October 2009.[1]


The follow up titled Chickenhare: Fire in the Hole was released Spring 08 and follows Chickenhare as he attempts to rescue his friend Abe's soul from the depths of Hell.


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