Chain of Pearls (真珠の鎖 Shinju no Kusari?) is a shōjo manga series created by mangaka Kanan Minami. The story revolves around the love triangle between two high school soccer players, and their club manager Hisa.

Plot summary

When Hisa starts as a manager for her school's soccer club, she is reunited with her old friend Keito, who is their school's star player. Keito's good friend and team mate Sakyou falls in love with Hisa, and the two start dating. But Hisa did not realise that Keito was in love with her as well. When Keito finds out about Sakyou and Hisa's relationship, he becomes so angry that he loses his senses. He demands that they quit the soccer club. Sakyou does quit, but the team is not the same, and Keito remains aggressive towards everyone. Hisa decides to break up with Sakyou, to save the club's atmosphere, and so he can rejoin the soccer club. After Keito finally realizes that Hisa loves Sakyou, he starts acting normal again. The two lovers get back together, and the soccer club returns to normal.


Hisa Makino
First-year high school student. She lives alone with her mother, and has to work part time at a ramen shop after school due to her financial situation. Even though she doesn't really have time to spare, she becomes one of her school's soccer club managers. Working as a manager she meets Sakyou, and falls in love with him.
Sakyou Kotokawa
Sulky second-year highschool student. He is Keito's good friend, and together they are the stars of their high school's soccer club. He is in love with Hisa.
Keito Hosako
Second-year highschool student and soccer player. He's an old friend of Hisa, and has had feelings for her since they were in middle school together. When he finds out Sakyou is dating Hisa, he gets very aggressive and demands that they quit the soccer team.


  1. ISBN 4-09-135423-8 published on July 26, 2002
  2. ISBN 4-09-135424-6 published on September 26, 2002

See also

  • 17 Sai Hajimete no H: an anthology of short shōjo manga stories. It contains a side-story of Chain of Pearls, called Virgin Beast (バージンビースト Baajin Biisuto?)

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