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Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation, known in Japan as Meitantei Conan: Tsuioku no Mirage (名探偵コナン 追憶の幻想 ?, Detective Conan: Fantasy Revisited), is a game for the Wii[1] based upon the popular anime and manga Case Closed. Players use the Wii Remote to find clues and solve the cases. As of June 2011 there is no release dates have been announced for the North American and Australian releases.


Characters are designed in 3D models. During gameplay, the Wii Remote is used to solve cases in a point and click fashion (similar to games like Sam and Max and Monkey Island). There are times when Conan may be controlled as an actual character. There is an arcade mode where Conan travels around in an arcade where the players are able to play minigames.

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The game follows Conan, Richard, Rachel, and The Junior Detective League as they are invited to the opening of a new hotel called The Mirapolis. But on the first day, someone is murdered. Now Conan must find out who did it.

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