Caroline Botelho (born November 22, 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts) is best known as a longtime co-host of the PBS Kids television series ZOOM. She is currently a nursing student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.[1]



She is best known for her role on the PBS Kids television Series ZOOM. While only eleven during her first season in 2000, she continued on the show until Season 5 in 2003 when she was 14. She has the record for being involved in the most seasons. She and her co-star from the two seasons, (season two and season three) Kenny Yates, also appeared on an episode of Arthur in the episode "And Now a Word from Us Kids" and has done voice-over work for several productions. She's also appeared in several feature films, including the 2003 Farrelly brothers comedy Stuck on You.[2]


Botelho is now a host for ATETelevision (Advanced Technological Education Television).[1][3]


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