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Candace Marie Celmer is an American actress and singer–songwriter. She released her debut album Becoming a Real Girl on February 24, 2009 under record label Music da Foz.[1]


Early life

Marie was born and raised in Miami, Florida. At age 3, she told Kathie Lee Gifford that she would become a star one day.[2] Marie soon started sing and perform on stage and act in commercials. She was featured in commercials such as Carnival Cruise Lines and Hot Pockets. She studied at New World School of the Arts while she was a member of professional dance companies. Marie attended Florida State University and majored in psychology. She became a sister of Delta Delta Delta and starred in student films by School of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts.[2] After college, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music and acting career. Marie has had two recent heart surgeries.

Music career

Marie stated about her music, quoting: "Music is therapy for me... it always has been. Writing my lyrics along the way has helped me learn to love who I am, while allowing me to deal with my own personal struggles. Being on that stage and performing is like home for me."[2] She released her debut album Becoming a Real Girl on February 24, 2009.[1]

Acting career

Marie voiced Miley Cyrus in the Family Guy episode "Hannah Banana". Marie's producer John Paterno told her about an audition for Family Guy and she went to it. She got a call from casting director Linda LeMontane about a month later and got the role. Marie is a Miley fan herself and was not worried she would upset any fans. She stated quoting: "I think it's a huge compliment for them to refer to Miley as the "perfect popstar." The rest, well, it's Family Guy".[3] She is also going to voice Miley again in an episode of The Cleveland Show.[3]

After voicing Miley, Marie was asked to voice a recurring character on Family Guy. Her character, Beth, is a friend of Meg Griffin's. Marie stated about Beth, quoting: "She is one of Meg's friends that is never really addressed in conversation but loves to chime in whenever she can. It's fantastic and so much fun to tap into that character."[3]



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