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By the Sword (剣によって Tsurugi ni Yotte?), also known as , Yo-u, Yo-u - The Moegi and 妖 -YO U-, is a Japanese manga series created by Sanami Matoh, who is also the creator of -FAKE-.


Asagi was born with a mysterious power that gives him the ability to slay demons, by channeling it through a sword. As this generally breaks every sword he uses, Asagi begins searching for a legendary sword known as the "Moegi". Along the way he meet a young girl named Kaede and the spirit of her father Kurenai, who join him on their journey. After he obtains Moegi, the group switches its focus to searching for Kurenai's body, which Asagi can rejoin him to using Moegi. They are also joined by Suoh, a famous spear wielder, his companion Rinrin, a woman of wolf origins named Aoi.

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