The Bronzen Adhemar (Dutch for "Brass Adhemar") is the official Flemish Community Cultural Prize for Comics, given to a Flemish comics author for his body of work. It is awarded by the Flemish Ministry of Culture during Strip Turnhout, the major Flemish comics festival, once every two years. [1]


Continuin the idea of a comics award given once in 1972, the prize was definitely installed by the makers of the magazine Ciso in 1977, "to emphasize and enhance the quality of Flemish comics" [2]. From 1979 on, the winner also got an exposition during the festival in Turnhout. The prize then changed from yearly to two-yearly.

The organisation of the Award was transferred to the "Bronzen Adhemar Stichting" in 1991, and again to the Flemish Community in 2003, when a monetary prize of 12,500 Euro was added to the statue all winners received.

The name

The "Bronzen Adhemar" (Brass Adhemar) is named after Adhemar, the son of Nero, one of the classic Flemish comics. Twice, a "Gouden Adhemar" (Golden Adhemar) was awarded on special occasions.







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