Brilliant Magic (ブリリアントな魔法 Brilliant na Mahou?) is a shōjo manga series created by mangaka Yukino Miyawaki.


Mitsuki Fujikawa
Mitsuki is a a high school student but people often mistake her to be an elementary school student. With the help of Atsuki, she is transformed into a beautiful high school girl called "May". Kyo was the first person to give her the name May, and she decided to keep it. She supposedly slept naked with Atsuki (also naked) on a rainy day in an abandoned house. She also is very very indecisive and sort of a crybaby-ish person. She gets her first kiss from Atsuki when he is putting on her makeup.
Atsuki Hirosaki
A mysterious handsome boy from the same high school as Mitsuki. He is hard to get close to but somehow finds Mitsuki intriguing. It turns out he's gifted in the field of make-up. He changes Mitsuki from innocent elementary schooler to high school mysterious beauty by the name "May" given from Kyo. Atsuki declares himself as Mitsuki's boyfriend at school so that he can spend more time with her for her modeling job. As the story progresses, we find out that Atsuki has developed genuine feelings for Mitsuki which heats up the love triangle between him, Kyo and Mitsuki. He ultimately triumphs over Kyo and wins Mitsuki's heart.
Kyo Mashima
A positive model who fell in love with Mitsuki the first time she was transformed by Atsuki. He wants her to become his partner in modeling, he does not know what Mitsuki actually looks like. Later on, he recognizes her as she walks past him in the station, proving his love for her. Kyo visits her a lot anytime, anywhere. Once when Mitsuki was mobbed by his fans, he felt jealous of Atsuki, who protected her, and decided to protect her too. When Mitsuki finally realizes she likes Atsuki and dumps him, (in a Ferris wheel), Kyo tells her to go away because he could not look at her and say goodbye.


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