Brad Hawkins (born January 13, 1976 in Dallas, Texas, USA) is an American film actor and television actor and a country singer and martial artist, best known for playing Ryan Steele in the TV series VR Troopers (1994-1996, and with 92 total episode appearances). He also did the (uncredited) voice of Trey of Triforia, the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo.

Before becoming an actor, he attended and graduated from Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas.

He was a country music singer for 3 years in the "country music capital", Nashville, Tennessee.

His country song "We Lose" became a #1 video hit on Country Music Television and Great American Country country music television channels.

His most recent acting role was as a motion capture actor for id Software's Doom 4.[1] He recently became a voice actor for Funimation Entertainment with his roles in D.Gray Man and Dragonaut: The Resonance.



Year Single US Country
1998 "We Lose" 68
"I'm the One"

Music videos

Year Video Director
1998 "We Lose" Chris Kraft
"I'm the One"



  1. Mahmood Ali (2009-02-09). "The Doom 4 mo-cap interview: First production shots revealed!". Retrieved 2009-02-11. 

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