Blue Eyes (ブルーアイズ Burū Aizu?) is a series of manga comic books by Tohru Nishimaki (にしまき とおる Nishimaki Tooru?), who specializes in bakunyū hentai. Nine books have been published at the moment.


The story begins with Tatsuya, a high school student who discovers that his first love of three years ago, Maria Misono (聖園マリア Misono Maria?), has now transferred to his school and his class. Half-Japanese with a British mother, Maria was born with blond hair and blue eyes (hence the title), and promised "Tat-chan" (her nickname for Tatsuya) that she would lose her virginity with him when her body was mature enough. Now she feels so, and so they have their first really sexual experience together. What Tat-chan enjoys most are Maria's enormously large breasts. From now on, Tat-chan has many affairs with women and often has to decide between love or sex, which drives him rather confused.

Volume One, consisting of five issues, focuses on Tatsuya's reconnection with Maria and the fight for his affections by Lisa Mizuno (水野リサ Mizuno Risa?), another large-breasted girl at school.

Volume Two sees Tatsuya continue his affair with Maria and Lisa and trying to arrange a ménage à trois with them. While the girls are being friends, Tatsuya also becomes sexually involved with Maria's mother, Cecilia Christy-Misono (セシリア・クリスティ・聖園 Seshiria Kurisuti-Misono?) (or "Ma-Ma").

In Volume Three, Tatsuya achieves his goal of a ménage à trois with Lisa and Maria and ends with him following Maria to England where he finds that her family is British Royalty, albeit a low royal family.

In Volume Four, Tatsuya meets and begins an affair with Maria's cousin, Claire Florence Christina Fairchild (クレア・フローレンス・クリスティーナ・フェアチャイルド Kurea Furōrensu Kurisutīna Feachairudo?). Claire was afraid of men because she was always picked on and stared at because of her large breasts.

Name: ClaireFlorence Fairchild, 19 years old

Height 161cm B210cm W59cm H89cm Height 5'3" Measurement 78-23-35 Birthday: September 10, Virgo Favorite past time: horseback riding, gardening

Claire is a new character that has just made her appearance in BLUE EYES. A daughter of British aristocracy, her mother is Cecilia's older sister Sarah,which makes her a cousin to Maria. She has titanic breasts, but is ashamed of them, and doesn't like to go out much. Because of her titanic breasts, she is afraid to meet people. She loves nature and animals and flowers, and enjoys running freely the forests and planes within her estate on her horse. However, the reason she enjoys nature so much may be because she is afraid of people, which is not a very healthy condition. Can Tatsuya win his way into her heart and make her overcome her fear of people?

Claire is a character modeled after Tina Small. I draw Claire in memory of Tina, so their birthdays are the same.

Volume Five finds Tatsuya still in England as he begins an affair with the family maid Alice Cooper (アリス・クーパー Arisu Kūpā?) after he rescues her from a former co-worker. Claire's mother Sera Christy-Fairchild (セーラ・クリスティ・フェアチャイルド Sēra Kurisuti-Feachairudo?) decides to seduce Tatsuya after asking Cecilia if she was sleeping with him, which she denied.

The books were originally translated from Japanese to English and distributed by White Lightning Productions. Icarus Publishing now publishes English-language versions of the comics in formerly in the AG Erotic Anthology collections and now only in trade paperbacks (4 so far).

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