Bloody Cross (ブラッディ・クロス (Japanese) 血色十字架 (Chinese (Taiwan))?) is a manga by Shiwo Yoneyama'. Chapters of the manga run in Japan's Shonen Gangan magazine beginning in July 2007. The series is ongoing.


Tsukimiya is a half-angel vampire, an individual cursed because of her impure lineage, whom with another half-angel vampire, Hinata, are on a search of the God's Book of Prophecy. The book is supposedly the only thing that is able to remove their curse, but nobody knows if the book's power will be capable to save two people. Moreover, they are not the only ones who want to own that powerful book.


Main characters


Female half-angel vampire who is looking for God's Book of Prophecy in order to remove the curse caused by her impure lineage.


Male half-angel vampire who is looking for God's Book of Prophecy in order to remove the curse caused by his impure lineage.



Male pure-blooded angel and is the other one of God's candidates. He's the younger brother of the fallen angel, Satsuki.


Dog demon and is the servant/ accomplice of Tsuzuki.



Male fallen angel and the older brother of Tsuzuki. He's one of God's candidates who says he has a certain wish that can't be granted without becoming God first.


An organization who seems to have a temporary alliance with Satski. They are also collecting God's Inheritance, but thier goals appear to be contridictory to the fallen angel's.


Human male and is the leader of Arcana.


A cat demon who has the ability to shape-shift into other people/demons. She's the subordinate of Satsuki and appears to be in love with him.


A full blood demon, who was hunted, and quickly killed, by Tsukimiya so that she could drink his blood to remove her half blood curse. 

Other Characters


Male half-blood, half human-half angel hybrid. Still bearing his mark of death, he's despirately seeking a way to remove it. He also seems to be in love with Tsukimiya. He seems to be working for Tsuzuki and sucks up to him, thus raising the angel's ego even higher.


Human male, second in command in Arcana

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