Pia Carrot

Bishōjo game girls are often dressed provocatively.

A bishōjo game is a type of Japanese video game which centers around interacting with attractive manga/anime-style females. Most of these games involve romance and are not neccessarily "adult".

Outside of Japan, bishōjo games have had almost zero success and are generally unpopular -- because of this, very few have been translated or imported countries other than Japan. In fact, bishōjo are they most popular offline game in Japan.

Gameplay in bishōjo games vary. In some games, the object of the game is to defeat a puzzle. In others (which are usually called "renai games"), the object of the game is to interact with the character in order to increase a "love meter". Most of these games are 2D, for obvious reasons (to display manga-style art).

Bishōjo games which contain adult content should be referred to as "H-games". Most bishōjo game do not have adult content, centering only around attractive females, though this can vary extremely.

Some criticisms of these games include:

  • Women are almost always "perfect"
  • Women, even in adult games, may be under 18. This is legal since the images are not photographs. Most bishojo games involve minors, aging from 14-17, and some "lolita" games involve even younger children.
  • Some bishōjo games are very disturbing in content