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Biko 3 (尾行3?) is the third game in the hentai/eroge game series Biko produced by Illusion.

Basic Plot

There are five storylines based around five different female characters. The player's job as the male avatar is to stalk them without being detected through a 3-D environment. Each storyline has a "Love" ending in which the avatar meets the character at the end and they make love; a "Rape" ending in which the avatar abducts the female character and forces himself on her; and an extra voyeur scene that can be found in a particular part of the storyline. To achieve the "Love" and "Rape" endings requires the player to find objects throughout the game.


Katori: The protagonist.

Rin: Rin is a brunette schoolgirl clad in a green jacket and a blue tartan skirt.

Reiko: Reiko is a redhaired nurse in a blue sweater and black skirt.

Chris: Chris is a blonde stealth ninja character in a skintight costume.

Mayu: Mayu is a fast food waitress who wears her uniform throughout the game. She also appears in Cap Raper, an expansion to Battle Raper 2.

Mio: Mio is a miko in a white kimono shirt and red hakama with a sword.

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