The Beyblade Original Soundtrack (ベイブレード」オリジナルサウンドトラック), Beyblade OST 1, or simply Beyblade OST is the first soundtrack of the music heard in the anime series Beyblade from the first season. Some of these bgms such as "Daichi's Scream" are like easter eggs from the manga. Daichi was in the timeline of 2001 in the manga.

Track Listing (Japanese)

  • 1.Fighting Spirits-SONG FOR BEYBLADE-(TV ver.)(system-B)
  • 2.プロローグ
  • 3.集え! BBAチーム
    Gather! BBA Team
  • 4.Early Day
  • 5.開幕!スーパーバトルトーナメント
    Season Opening! Super Battle Tournament
  • 6戦慄走る
    A Chill Running Down
  • 7.GO!!
  • 8.青龍(ドラグーン)現る
    Blue Dragon (Dragoon) Appears
  • 9.大地の叫び
    Daichi's Scream
  • 10.爆進!爆転!
    Dash! Flip
  • 11.朱雀(ドランザー)宿る
    Red Phoenix (Dranzer) Resides
  • 12.遥かなる戦いの果て
    Beyond The Battle Far Ahead
  • 13.うごめく謎
    Lurking Mystery
  • 14.EYE CATCH 1
  • 15.Good Morning Friends
  • 16.さてと。
    Well Then.
  • 17.あの頃へ…
    Back Then...
  • 18.オアシス
  • 19.孤高の男
    The aloof man
  • 20.白虎(ドライガー)吠える
    White Tiger (Driger) Howls
  • 21.黒い影
    Black Shadow
  • 22.玄武(ドラシエル)燃える
    Black Tortoise (Draciel) Burns
  • 23.夢の途中
    In The Middle of A Dream
  • 24.EYE CATCH 2
  • 25.哀しみの雨
    Rain if Sadness
  • 26.Hi!チャイナ
    Hi! China
  • 27.古代大陸
    Ancient Continent
  • 28.驚異の白虎族
    The Astounding White Tiger Clan
  • 29.Good Bye My…
  • 30.次なるモノは?
    What's The Next Thing?
  • 31.エピローグ
  • 32.CHEER SONG(TV ver.)(system-B)

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