Benji Gregory (born Benjamin Gregory Hertzberg on May 26, 1978 in Panorama City, California (IMDB reports that Mr Gregory-Hertzberg was born in Encino, California) is an American actor. He is best known playing the role of Brian Tanner on ALF (1986). His father, uncle and sister were all actors; his grandmother was his agent.[1]

Prior to his stint on ALF, he appeared in several television shows which include Fantastic Max (1988-1990), Pound Puppies (1986-1987), Murphy Brown (1988), Fantasy Island (1978), The A-Team (1984), T.J. Hooker (1984), Amazing Stories (1985), The Twilight Zone (1985), and Mr. Boogedy (1986). He also made an appearance in the feature film Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986).

Gregory has even starred as himself in the PSAs television series The More You Know and in the children's game show series I'm Telling!, and on a kids episode of The Dating Game

He also made a few appearances on the TV show Punky Brewster, playing an orphan, and was scheduled to star in a spin-off called "Fenster Hall". However, "Fenster Hall" never came to production.

He has also supplied the voice of Edgar the Mole in the animated feature Once Upon a Forest.

He attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California and has left acting.

A song by sweet sweet concorde, included in the album life in the canopy mentions Benji Gregory, and it's called "Benji and Me"


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