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Because I'm a Maid!
メイドですから!Template:Category handler/numbered
(Meido Desukara!)
GenreRomantic comedy
Written by Sayuri Sakai
Published by Stren Publishing, JManga
Demographic Shōjo
Original run 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 1
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Because I'm a Maid! (メイドですから! Meido desukara!?)Template:Category handler/numbered is a romantic comedy manga by Sayuri Sakai.[1] The story is set at the wealthy Mitsurugi household and follows the Mitsurugi siblings and Karen Otonashi through her struggles in love and becoming a maid.


The main character, Karen Otonashi, takes a maid exam at the Mitsurugi home, the first step towards her dream of becoming a respected maid like her grandmother. After passing a difficult exam, Karen throws herself into becoming an expert maid. Karen matures as she faces many issues in her path.


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