Bansenshukai (萬川集海, translated 'Sea of Myriad Rivers Merging') is a collection of ninja knowledge widely regarded as being written by Fujibayashi Sabuji, Fujibayashi Yasutake, or Fujibayashi Yasuyoshi. Written in 1676, it is a culmination of philosophy, military strategy, astrology, and weapons largely taken from Chinese[citation needed] thought.


The books include:


There are two versions:

  1. The Koga Version has twenty-two chapters bound in ten volumes, with an additional one volume attached to it.
  2. The Iga Version has twenty-two chapters bound in twelve volumes with an additional four chapters in four volumes attached to it.


After World War II, a limited number of hand written copies were offered to the public. A few of these copies are in some major national and university libraries. It is no longer in print.

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