Baldrhead is an action eroge developing team from Giga. Most of their games, with the exception of Duel Savior, feature mecha in an action-oriented game engine.

Even though Team Baldrhead's games are officially known as the "Baldr Series", there is no relationship between the different titles.


  • Baldrhead (バルドヘッド~武装金融外伝~)
  • Baldr Fist (装甲姫バルフィス)
  • Baldr Bullet (バルトバレッド)
    • Baldr Bareneko (Expansion Set from NekoNeko soft)
  • Baldr Force (バルトフォース)
    • Baldr Force EXE (DVD edition)
    • Baldr Neko Force EXE (Expansion Set from NekoNeko soft)
  • Duel Savior (デュエル・セイヴァー)
    • Duel Savior Justice デュエル・セイヴァー ジャスティス)(DVD edition with several add-on)
    • Duel Savior Destiny (デュエル・セイヴァー デスティニー)(PS2 edition with some add-on different from Duel Savior Justice)
  • Baldr Bullet "Revellion" (バルトバレッドリベリオン) (a remake version of the original Baldr Bullet)
  • Xross Scramble (クロススクランブル)
  • Baldr Sky Dive1 and Dive2

External links

  • GIGA (Japanese portal)
zh:BALDRHEAD 武裝金融外傳

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