Bakegyamon (妖逆門?) is an anime and manga series. Kazuhiro Fujita created the original concept. Mitsuhisa Tamura created the story and art of the manga. The series ran in Shōnen Sunday from 2006 vol. 13 through 2007 vol. 16.

VIZ Media published it in English in the United States as BakéGyamon: Backwards Game.[1] Chuang Yi published the manga in English in Singapore as Bakegyamon.[2]. In France Sakka published the manga[3]. In Japan the anime aired on TV Tokyo.

The series stars Sanshiro Tamon (多聞 三志郎 Tamon Sanshirō?), a boy in Gyakunippon. And a man named Fue (不壊?) invites Sanshiro to play the Bakegyamon game.

Sanshiro's chances of having an adventure are slim to none in his tiny island hometown, until the day a mysterious stranger invites him to play a game... Without warning, Sanshiro is taken to a backwards universe to play BakéGyamon--a game pitting monsters against monsters. Along the way he meets other players who have a particular reason for being there--to obtain the wish that is granted to the winner. But how far can Sanshiro get when the monsters he's been paired with are a bunch of little mud balls?


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