Baby Pop (ベイビーポップ Beibii Poppu?) is a shōjo manga series created by Yayoi Ogawa.


  • Nagisa

A first year in high school who is very intelligent. She doesn't like Ryu at first, but grows to like him. She doesn't like his perverted ways, and often hits him when he tries to do something. She likes Hanniya, and experiences her first kiss with him.

  • Ryunosuke

He is a young photographer that married Nagisa's mother. His wife died on their honeymoon while getting a postcard from their hotel room in France. Although he may seem perverted and uncaring, deep inside he cares about Nagisa very much and only wishes her the best. It is said that he has thin irises which is his reason for wearing sunglasses all the time. He takes them off when he really cares about someone or when he is in a dire situation.


  1. ISBN 4-06-325821-1 released on February 1999
  2. ISBN 4-06-325852-1 released on September 1999

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