Ayumi Shiina (椎名 あゆみ Shiina Ayumi?, born August 29, 1969 in Ehime Prefecture) is a Japanese shōjo manga artist. Her debut was in 1987 with the story Namida no Message, published in the Autumn issue of Ribon Original.[citation needed] She has since published her manga in Ribon and its spin-off magazines.

Notable works by her are Baby Love and Penguin Brothers. The former was adapted into an OVA, screened at a Ribon event and its video later given away as part of Ribon's mail order service.[citation needed]


  • Peter Pan no Sora (ピーターパンの空?) (1990, serialized in Ribon, Shueisha)[1]
  • Mind Game (マインド・ゲーム?) (1990, serialized in Ribon, Shueisha)[2][3]
  • Muteki no Venus (無敵のヴィーナス?) (1992-1993, Shueisha)[4][5]
  • Anata to Sukyandaru (あなたとスキャンダル?, trans. You and Scandal) (1994-1995, Shueisha)[6][7] (2008, reprint Shueisha)[8][9]
  • Baby Love (ベイビィ★LOVE?) (1996-1999, serialized in Ribon, Shueisha)[10][11] (2007, reprint Shueisha)[12][13]
  • Pengin Burazaazu (ペンギン☆ブラザーズ?, Penguin Brothers) (2000-2002, serialized in Ribon, Shueisha)[14][15]
  • Otogibanashi o Anata ni (お伽話をあなたに?, trans. A Fairytale for You) (2001, Shueisha)[16]
  • Dice (ダイス?) (2003, serialized in Ribon, Shueisha)[17][18]
  • Otogibanashi wo Anata ni: Tsukiyo no Maihime (お伽話をあなたに月夜の舞姫?) (2006, Shueisha)[19]


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