Ayumi Komura (小村あゆみ Komura Ayumi?, born January 15) is a Japanese manga artist who does mainly shōjo manga. Her works are primarily serialized in Margaret magazine, with series published in collected volumes by Shueisha under their Margaret Comics imprint.


  • (2004) Haiburiddo Berī (ハイブリッドベリー?, lit. Hybrid Berry)[1]
  • (2005) Mikkusu Bejitaburu (ミックスベジタブル?);[2] English translation: Mixed Vegetables (2008)[3]
  • (2008) Joō-sama no Tamago (女王様のタマゴ?)[4][5]
  • (2009) Hotto Miruku (ホットミルク?, lit. Hot Milk)[6][n 1]
  • (2009) Usotsuki Riri (うそつきリリィ?, lit. Liar Lily)[7][8]


  1. The stories in Hot Milk were serialized in various issues of Margaret. They were collected and published together by Shueisha in a single tankōbon volume in December 2009.


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