Ayumi (あゆみ, アユミ?) is a Japanese word meaning "course" or "walking" (歩み?). The kanji of Ayumi (歩- derives from the Chinese word (步- bù); the meanings of the two are similar but not the same. Ayumi is also a feminine Japanese given name. It is rarely used as a surname.

Possible writings

Ayumi can be written using different kanji characters and can mean:

  • 歩み, "course" or "walking"
as a given name
  • 歩, "progress", "walking", "a step"
  • 歩美, "walking, beauty"
  • 亜弓
  • 安弓
  • 亜由美

The given name can also be written in hiragana or katakana.

  • あゆ美, mixture of hiragana and kanji
as a surname
  • 漢人
  • 阿弓


Fictional characters

  • Amy Yeager, aka Ayumi Yoshida, a secondary character from Meitantei Conan, also known as Case Closedpl:Ayumi


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