Arina Tanemura (種村 有菜 Tanemura Arina?, born March 12, 1978) is a Japanese manga artist who does mainly shōjo manga. Her debut work was a one-shot work titled "The Style of the Second Love" (2番目の恋のかたち Niban-me no Koi no Katachi?), which was later reprinted in her anthology work Short-Tempered Melancholic.[1] Tanemura gained fame with the 1997 publication of I.O.N, a high school romance with a supernatural twist. From 1998 to 2000, she worked on the popular series Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, about a young girl who is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, followed by Time Stranger Kyoko in 2000-2001 and Full Moon wo Sagashite in 2002. In 2004, Tanemura came out with The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, which broke her tradition by having more than seven volumes in one single series. Her most current work, Sakura Hime Kaden, debuted in 2009 and is ongoing. Despite Tanemura's intentions to draw in a style that makes her stories difficult to animate, both Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon wo Sagashite have been adapted into TV series. Her works are primarily serialized in Ribon magazine, with series published in collected volumes by Shueisha.


Manga series


  • (2000) Tanemura Arina Irasuto Shuu Kamikaze Kaitō Jannu (種村有菜イラスト集 神風怪盗ジャンヌ?)[11]
  • (2004) Furu Mūn o Sagashite Irasuto Shuu Tanemura Arina Korekushon (満月をさがしてイラスト集 種村有菜コレクション?);[12] English translation: The Arina Tanemura Collection: The Art of Full Moon (2008)[13]
  • (2008) Shinshi Dōmei Kurosu Tanemura Arina Irasuto Shuu (「紳士同盟クロス」種村有菜イラスト集?);[14] English translation: The Gentlemen's Alliance †: Arina Tanemura Illustrations(2009)[15][16]
  • (2009) Paint Ribon Art of Sakura Hime Kaden (PAINTりぼん art of 種村有菜?)[17]


  1. The stories in Short-Tempered Melancholic were serialized in various issues of Ribon between 1995 and 1998. They were collected and published together by Shueisha in a single tankōbon volume in May 1998.


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