ARIEL (エリアル Eriaru?) (which stands for "All a-Round Intercept and Escort Lady") is a mecha anime OVA series. ARIEL is also known as The ARIEL Project.


Dr. Kishida: a mad scientist from SCEBAI who builds ARIEL and persuades his granddaughters and niece to pilot against Alien invaders.

Aya Kawaii: Dr. Kishida's niece, who is enrolled in college and persuaded to pilot it if her Uncle pays her tution.

Mia Kishida: a high school student who would rather be studying for her exams than fighting aliens; Dr. Kishida's granddaughter.

Kazumi Kishida: a middle school student who wants to please her grandfather, and really likes piloting ARIEL.

Saber Starblast: a mysterious alien vigilante who helps ARIEL combat the invading Aliens.

Miss Simone: Saber's dreaded accounting Department Head, sent to personally oversee Saber's overspending.


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