Arena Komik, usually referred to as Arena, is one of the Malaysian manga magazine which publishes chapters on manga translated in Malay. It is published 2 times a month - on the 5th and 20th day. The magazine is published by Superior Comics, who also publish other similar manga magazines, such as Komik Remaja, Weekly Comic 漫畫周刊 and Manga Boom . Since Manga Boom stopped its publication on the sixth issue, the manga serialized in Manga Boom have instead been serialized in Arena Komik and Komik Remaja.

Besides the manga (which makes up the bulk of the magazine), Arena also has some articles about model kits, Japanese and Korean artists, Drama info, information about Seiyū, anime lyrics, fashions and horoscope reading.

Arena Komik is priced in local Malaysian bookstores at RM4.00 per issue.

Manga Series

Series serealised in Arena Komik include:

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