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Aoi-chan Panic! (あおいちゃんパニック!?) is a manga by Izumi Takemoto. It concerns a part alien girl, Aoi Hayakawa, who transfers into the school, which Hiroshi Morimura goes to. She then becomes a love interest to him.


Aoi Hayakawa (早川あおい Hayakawa Aoi?)
Her alternative name is 「チャチャ・モチャモチャ・ヌートの1」(in Japanese, means "Chacha, Nuit's First child of the Mochanocha's"). She lived in her father's planet from birth before come to the Earth. She has been called in the alternative name at the planet.
Thanks to more gravitational force of the planet, she played an active part in sports, but didn't know how to control a jumping and kicking her body[1] by itself and her strong power. She follows father's taking the medicine for temporary control over her strong power, but a half blood of Earth people makes her often fall suddenly asleep.
Hiroshi Morimura (森村ひろし Morimura Hiroshi?)
Midori Takahashi (高橋みどり Takahashi Midori?)
Takashi Yamazaki (山崎たかし Yamazaki Takashi?)
He is a studious boy wearing glasses. He and his parents shelter Mamemimu.
Akira Okazaki (岡崎あきら Okazaki Akira?)
He is handsome and so-called woman-chaser.
Toto (トート Tōto?)
His full name is 「トート・トクタプ・タータの2」(in Japanese ,means "Toto, Tata's Second child of the Tokutapu's") in the planet. Chacha(Aoi)'s neighbor. In the planet, his character closely resembles Okazaki. He one-sided love on Chacha[2]. He visit the Earth by driving ”Saucer” without a licence[3].
Aoi's father (あおいのパパ Aoi no Papa?)
His full name is 「ヌート・モチャモチャ・トメルの3」(in Japanese, means "Nuit, Tomel's Third child of the Mochanocha's") in his planet. With transference, he commutes from the Earth by his ”Saucer”.
His planet have more gravitational force than the earth and he are accustomed to taking the medicine for temporary control over his strong power in the Earth. Tomel is his father, but he makes no appearance in this comic at all. Tomato is his elder brother.
Aoi's mother (あおいのママ Aoi no Mama?)
Her name is Hiroko Hayakawa「早川ひろこ」, but in marrying Nuit, she have been called 「ひろこ・モチャモチャ・ヌートのサイ」 (in Japanese, means "Hiroko, Nuit's wife of the Mochanocha's") in her husband's planet.
Mr. Tomato (トマト氏 Tomato-shi?)
His full name is 「トマト・モチャモチャ・トメルの1」 (in Japanese, means "Tomato, Tomel's First child of the Mochanocha's") in his planet. He is a doctor internal medicine, but he puff the curative for Aoi's long sleeping-illness[4] into Hiroshi Morimura by mistake[5]...
Munee-san (ムーニーさん Mūnē-san?)
He is a raptorial alien and Aoi's mentor.
Mamemimu (マメミム Mamemimu?)
Her full name is 「マメミム・モチャモチャ・トメルの7」 (in Japanese, means "Mamemimu, Tomato's Seventh child of the Mochanocha's") in the planet. She is Aoi's cousin. She come to the Earth to run away from home and escape disgusting marriage[6]. She falls in love with Takashi Yamazaki.
Toori-sensei (トーオリ先生 Tōori-sensei?)
He took charge of Aoi's class in her elementary school of the planet. He is a botanist and Tomel's friend. He visits the Earth in order to collect plants in his vacation.
Akio Akimoto (秋本あきお Akimoto Akio?)


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