Anime Web Turnpike (also known as Anipike) is a web directory founded in August 1995 by Jay Fubler Harvey. It serves as a large database of links to various anime and manga websites. With well over 40,000 links, it had one of the largest organized collection of anime and manga related links.[1] Users can add their own website to the database by setting up a username on the site and adding it to the category it applies to. The website also has services such as a community forum, chat room and a magazine. The Anime Broadcasting Network, Inc. acquired the Anime Web Turnpike in 2000 with plans to enhance and expand the site, but multiple technical issues delayed these plans.[1]


In 1995, the site was referenced among 101 internet sites to visit.[2] The site and its creator were featured in the 2003 documentary film Otaku Unite. In 2003, Anime Web Turnpike was ranked the number three "must visit" anime website by the online magazine Animefringe.[3]


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