Ani-Funjatta! (兄ふんじゃった!?) is a shōnen gag manga by Shin Okasawara, currently running in Shōnen Sunday.


The manga is a farsical tale of an overly protective older brother, Ani, and the strange situations that he and his younger brother, find themselves in.


He is said to be the strongest older brother in the history of older brothers. Ani is extremely protective of his younger brother Terukiyo. His dying mother told him that being overly protective of his younger brother was his duty. He is extremely skilled in almost anything he attempts, which is impressive for someone still in their third year of junior high school.
Ani's younger brother who is still in his first year of junior high. Terukiyo is quick to anger and always wears a white cloth on his head.
Yankee is the school punk. He lives in a big house (which was stolen) and can not count past two. He is fifteen years old and has failed a grade.
Terukiyo named his dog "Cabbage", due to his being abandoned in a cabbage crate. Ani simply calls him "dog". When Cabbage runs faster than 14km/h he is able to travel though time.

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