Angela Harry (b. January 1, 1963) is a model, actress and voice actor.


Harry played Jan Ors in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, and like the character of Kyle Katarn, in all subsequent appearances, was modeled to look like Harry.


Film or Television Title Character Episodes Year(s)
To Protect and Serve -- -- 2001
V.I.P. Dr. Tina Stokes 3 episodes 1998–2001
Silk Stalkings Helen Lee 1 episode 1997
Tarzan: The Epic Adventures Queen La 3 episodes 1996–1997
Dark Forces II (Video Game) Jan Ors -- 1997
Raven Eva -- 1996
Strange Luck Jake in 501 2 episodes 1996
Diagnosis Murder Joon Li 1 episode 1995
Baywatch Nights Corine 1 episode 1995
Fortune Hunter Nev Collins 1 episode --
One West Waikiki Miki Kalani 1 episode 1994
Blindsided -- -- 1993

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