Angel Gunfighter (拳銃天使 Kenjū Tenshi?) is a Japanese single volume manga written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka and published on April 20, 1949 by Tokodo.


The rogue cop Ham Egg is plotting to take over a small town on the border region between New Mexico and Arizona. Only one thing stands in his way: a Native American sharpshooter known as "Monster". Aiding Monster are two other young sharpshooters, Anna and Jim, who combat Ham Egg and his gang to end corruption and liberate the town.



A Native American who disguises himself as a masked cowboy to thwart Ham Egg's plot.


A female sharpshooter who helps Monster in his battle.


A young gunman who is assisting Monster in his fight for the town's freedom.

Ham Egg

A dastardly cop in the small town who hopes to take it over with the help of the mayor.

Frederic Satton

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