Amy Winfrey is an American animator, screenwriter, songwriter, and voice actress.[1] She is best known for creating the web series Making Fiends, that was later picked up by Nickelodeon in 2006.



Winfrey studied animation at UCLA and made a 3D film called The Bad Plant, which won her a silver medal at the Student Academy Awards in 2000.[2] At UCLA, Winfrey worked as an animator on South Park during the first season. She took a break from the school to work full time on the South Park theatrical film.[1] In a UCLA class, Winfrey made a website dedicated to traffic cones.[3] Because of many visitors on the traffic cone website, Winfrey decided to create a series of short web cartoons, and the result was Muffin Films. When the 12 shorts were finished, Winfrey created another series, Big Bunny. In 2003, Winfrey created Making Fiends. Nickelodeon contacted Winfrey in 2004 about possibly bringing Making Fiends to TV.[4] The TV series premiered on October 4, 2008.

Personal life

Winfrey currently resides Los Angeles, California with her husband, Peter Merryman and some "real life fiends", including a pet flounder.[1]


South Park

Winfrey worked as an animator on the Comedy Central series South Park in 1997.[1] She also worked on the feature films like, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus versus Frosty, & Jesus versus Santa.

Muffin Films

Winfrey created Muffin Films as a thesis project in 2000. There are twelve cartoons, one for each muffin in a dozen. The series ended in 2003.[1] The series explores different styles of Flash animation in twelve different shorts, using muffins as the subject of the stories, which includes muffins that want to be eaten and those that don't, results of having an excess of muffins or none at all, muffins from outer space, muffins that haunt their devourers, and muffins expressing their angst. Currently, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Muffin Films, Amy Winfrey is making 6 more cartoons for the series![5]

Episode list

Episode # Title Summary Date
1 Hungry! A girl eats a muffin. A bigger muffin comes. The big muffin eats the girl. 12.28.00
2 U.F.M Alien muffins come to earth, planning to take over. They unintentionally land on a bake sale table. 12.29.00.
3 I Dream of Muffins A dream sequence about muffins. 12.30.00
4 Pssst... A girl meets a group of talking muffins who wish to be eaten. They try to convince her to eat them. 12.31.00
5 Muffinesque A stop motion animated movie. 08.02.01
6 The Muffin Tree One day, a little girl finds a muffin tree. (Most likely a reference to The Giving Tree.) After she eats a strange type of muffin, she dies. 03.02.02
7 M A girl meets a muffin that doesn't want to be eaten but she eats him anyway. 03.03.02
8 Feed Me An interactive game in which you feed a woman different muffins before she dies. If you overfeed her, she dies. 09.09.03
9 Beware Old Man Muffin wants revenge for someone eating him. 10.31.03
10 The Muffinless A young boy has never eaten a muffin and really wants one. 11.11.03
11 Bluebirds in Spring Two muffins saying random things in French to each other. 12.12.03
12 MufFinale Muffins from all the films sing to a girl after she says "I don't like muffins." 12.30.03
I Mini Muffins Mini muffins haunt a young girl, leading her to eat one. After which, the mini muffins get scared and haunt her to eat other stuff. 5.??.10
II Lines Muffins moving on power lines. 6.??.10
III Nothing Sounds made by different things on the farm in three different scenarios, including a normal day, a Nuclear War, and an apocalyptic future. The muffin says nothing, and surprisingly survives throughout all 3 scenarios. 07.27.10

Big Bunny

Big Bunny is a Flash cartoon series created by Winfrey while she was a graduate student at UCLA. Winfrey voices all of the characters, except for the bunny who is voiced by Peter Merryman. Big Bunny is a giant, pink, serious bunny with sharp teeth and a loud, deep, booming voice. He is very loquacious and speaks with humorously broken up speech. He likes to seduce children with weird and humorously disturbing stories with anticlimactic endings. Big Bunny wants to eat every living thing in sight, including the children. He doesn't state this outright, but constantly makes insinuations to his gluttonous intentions with emphasized adjectives like "delicious," "yummy," "tender," and "scrumptious" strewn throughout his sentences.[6]

Episode list

Episode # Title Summary Date
1 The Delicious Dog In this episode, Big Bunny meets the children for the first time. The episode starts out with Lulu smashing berries to make jam from the berries she found in the woods next to Crusty Pines. Just then, their dog, Muffin, runs off and jumps over the fence into the woods. The friends then follow the dog and jump over the fence to try and find him. When they get into the woods, they meet a large bunny named Big Bunny. He tells a story called The Delicious Dog. This dog is about the dog, Muffin, that ran into the bunny who apparently gets eaten by Big Bunny. They (Sam, Suzy, Lulu) think Muffin got eaten by wolves. The bunny ends the story by telling the kids to "drink lots of milkshakes and eat lots of sausage."
2 Vegetables The friends start out going back into the forest to see Big Bunny. Big Bunny greets them by telling them he has made them a "couch," which is really French bread. Lulu then gives Big Bunny a present of carrots. Big Bunny then tells Sam, Suzy, and Lulu the story of the Turnip king. This story is about how a turnip was picked by a farmer and was eaten. The vegetables storm the "palace" and take the queen, mistress, and son. The "palace" was then ruled by an elected potato. Big Bunny ends the story by asking for a cat and asking to eat plenty of French fries with mayonnaise.
3 Suzy This episode starts out with the friends in the woods greeting Big Bunny with a cat from Ms. Grundimier's front porch. Big Bunny thanks them. He then asks them their names. They tell him Sam, Lulu and they both tell him Suzy's name because she asks why he wanted to know their names. Big Bunny then tells them the story about a girl named Suzy (who is really the girl named Suzy) who sells her soul to the devil and who eventually repents and goes to Heaven. Big Bunny ends the episode by telling the friends to eat lots of goudah.
4 Easter This episode starts with Big Bunny asking why the friends have big, fluffy ears on their heads. The friends tell him that tomorrow is Easter. Big Bunny is amazed by this and says he does not lay eggs or leave candy. He thinks the Easter bunny is a chocolate chicken from the sky. Suzy asks where the cat is that Lulu gave Big Bunny in Episode Three. Big Bunny says the cat went out for a snack. Big Bunny then tells a story about a blue bird who died and rose from the dead three days later and eats flesh of the living. He asks what the friends give to the bunny. The friends say nothing. Big Bunny then says to put cheeseburgers on their lawns. Big Bunny ends the episode by telling the friends to eat plenty of candy and egg yolks.
5 RED This episode starts out with Suzy asking Big Bunny where the cat is. Big Bunny then pulls the cat from behind him, who is now obviously fatter. Big Bunny then asks the friends what they are learning in the "schooling place." Lulu responds by telling Big Bunny that they are learning the colors. Sam then points out that Big Bunny is pink. Big Bunny then asks what color is the sky. Sam responds by saying blue. Big Bunny asks the color of Suzy's dress. Sam then says blue, but the dress is red. Big Bunny points this fact out and tells a violent story about the color red. In this story, Big Bunny tells of a "red squirrel," who is actually Big Bunny. He tells of the "squirrel" inviting his enemies to "dinner." He served red meat and red wine with red gellotin. The squirrel and his "associates" locked the door. The squirrel went chop, chop, chop. And his "associates" went slice, slice, slice and turned the enemies into red pie. The white hallway was now red. He sent the "pie" to all who declined his invititation. The episode ends with Big Bunny saying to the friends "eat roast beef or even better, lamb."
6 Ties This episode starts out with the friends in the woods. Lulu brings Big Bunny cat nip and asks where the cat is. Big Bunny responds by saying the cat is on a business trip. Big Bunny then tells a story about a paper clip who has affairs with a notepad while married to a staple. The paper clip is then used to set a digital clock. The episode ends when Big Bunny tells the friends to bring another friend of theirs so there is more kids to listen to his stories. He also tells the friends to eat plenty of butter pats and share them with their friends.
7 Stuffing This episode starts out with the three friends going into the woods. On their way, they see a sign that reads: "Crusty Pines phase III; coming soon, forest demolition starts tomorrow." The friends jump over the fence to warn big bunny his home will be destroyed. Big Bunny then tells a story of the man who bought a jacket. The man bought a jacket on sale. The cashier stated this was a very good jacket but NEVER put your hand into the left pocket. One very cold day, the man forgot and put his hand into the pocket. Little did he know, the pocket was very hungry and ate the man's hand. He then returns the jacket in anger and buys a sweater with only one green glove. This episode ends with Big Bunny saying he is moving on to plumper pastures. Big Bunny tells the friends to come with him and he puts Sam and Lulu into a picnic basket. Suzy refuse to go and waves them goodbye while stating to eat lots of carrots, stupid bunny.

Making Fiends

Winfrey created Making Fiends in 2003 as a web cartoon. The series lasted for 21 episodes between 2003 and 2005. Winfrey voiced several characters, including Charlotte. Nickelodeon contacted Winfrey in early 2004 about bringing Making Fiends on TV. The TV series premiered on October 4, 2008 on Nicktoons Network.

Squid and Frog

In 2008, Winfrey started Squid and Frog, short cartoons about a red squid and an orange frog, who sings about various things, such as that you can't learn surgery from television.[7]


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