Amy's Eyes is a children's fantasy novel by Richard Kennedy, published by HarperCollins in 1985, and illustrated by Richard Egielski.

The narrative begins in an orphanage where Amy inadvertently brings her sailor doll to life. It continues on a ship where he has become captain and she has transformed into a doll herself. The book is a principally a coming-of-age tale and a nautical adventure involving pirates and the search for lost treasure. The story contains whimsical elements such as a sailing ship crewed by Mother Goose animals, but also has darker themes including the obsession with Biblical prophecy and numerology.

The book won the Parents' Choice Picture Book Award in 1985, and was the subject of a major review in the New York Times[1].


  1. New York Times June 9, 1985 by Edwin J. Kenney Jr.

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