The Amber Cavez are a fictional location in the American animated television series Trollz.

The Amber Cavez are a series of caverns composed entirely of amber. The caves home a powerful magical force embedded into the crystals which lead to the caves often being used in rituals, spell-making, and spell-casting for trollz.

Female Baby Ritual

In the world of Trollz, only females are allowed to use magic and cast spells due to a specific event that happened three-thousand years ago. In order for females to cast spells, baby girls are taken immediately to the Amber Cavez after they are born and are placed under a stalactite. There, they wait for a drop of amber to trickle down and fall, landing in the baby's bellybutton. When the amber hardens, it then turns into a distinct gem for each and every troll. When the female reaches maturity, the gem begins to glow as a sign of the troll being attuned to the magical forces of the world. From there on, they may cast spells with the help of spellbeads.

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