Akira Nagata (永田 彬 Nagata Akira?, January 22, 1985–) is a Japanese vocalist and actor currently part of the J-pop group Run&Gun. He was born in Sakai, Osaka. He was part of the casts of Musical Air Gear with his fellow band members, a seiyū for Lovely Complex, and he also portrays Seigi Ozaki in the tokusatsu franchise Kamen Rider Den-O. Not to be confused with Japanese composer Akira Nakata of a similar, but different name.




  • Route 58 (2003)


TV Drama



  • Random facts:
    • Blood type: A
    • Height: 182 cm
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eyes: Black
    • Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki
    • Least Favorite Food: Natto, Strange Food
    • Favorite Color: White, Red, Black
    • Hobbies: Computer, video games, soccer, dance
    • Favorite Sport: Ball games other than Basketball
    • Special skill: Karate
    • Licence: Motor-bike

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