Akira Honma is a Japanese manga artist.

Honma's first manga work was The Judged a yaoi manga about Kyou Sugiura, a Public prosecutor who is pursuing an investigation of government corruption involving a young parliamentarian named Tatsuki Toudou. The meeting between the two ambitious young men results in an unintended consequence that neither had been prepared for. In this standoff between the enforcer and the lawmaker, there is a past that binds them together, and only they can decide the outcome of this duel.

Last Portrait is her second manga.


  • The Judged (裁かれし者?) (2003 Shinkosha)[1] (2006 English edition, DramaQueen)[2]
  • Jinsei wa Bara Iro da (人生は薔薇色だ?, La Vita Rosa) (2004 Shinkosha)[3]
  • Last Portrait (最後の肖像?) (2005 Shinkosha)[4] (2006 English edition, DramaQueen)[5]
  • Ai ga Kami wo Korosu Toki (愛が神を殺す時?) (2006 Shinkosha)[6]
  • Usagi Otoko Tora Otoko (兎オトコ虎オトコ?) (2009 Shinkosha)[7]


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