Akimi Yoshida (吉田秋生 Yoshida Akimi?, born August 12, 1956) is a Japanese manga artist.

Yoshida is best known for the series Banana Fish. She twice won the Shogakukan Manga Awards for shōjo, for Kisshō Tennyo in 1984 and for Yasha in 2002.[1] In 2007, she received an Excellence Award for manga at the Japan Media Arts Festival for Umimachi Diary.


  • Chotto Fushigi na Geshukunin (ちょっと不思議な下宿人?), 1977
  • California Monogatari (カリフォルニア物語?), 1978–1981
  • Kawa yori mo nagaku yuruyaka ni (河よりも長くゆるやかに?), 1983
  • Kisshō Tennyo (吉祥天女?), 1983–1984
  • Sakura no Sono (櫻の園?), 1985–1986
  • Banana Fish, 1985–1994
  • Lovers' Kiss (ラヴァーズ・キス?), 1995–1996
  • Yasha (YASHA-夜叉-?), 1996–2002
  • Eve no Nemuri (イヴの眠り?), 2003–2005
  • Umimachi Diary (海街 diary?), 2007-


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