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Akiko Higashimura (東村アキコ Higashimura Akiko?, born 1975) is a Japanese manga artist from Miyazaki, Japan. Higashimura debuted in the Japanese seinen manga magazine Weekly Morning. Higashimura later became more notable for her work on Kisekae Yuka-chan which debuted in YOU magazine. Recently she made a one-shot for the magazine Jump SQ. She has been nominated twice for the Manga Taishō: in 2008 for Himawari: Kenichi Legend and in 2009 for Mama ha Temparish.[1][2]


  • Kisekae Yuka-chan (きせかえユカちゃん?) (2001 Shueisha)
  • Himawari: Kenichi Legend (ひまわりっ 健一レジェンド?) (2006 Kodansha)
  • Mama wa Tenparist (ママはテンパリスト?) (2008 Shueisha)
  • Kuragehime (海月姫 〜くらげひめ〜?) (2008 Kodansha)


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