Akihito Yoshitomi (吉富昭仁 Yoshitomi Akihito?) is a Japanese manga artist. His most known work is the manga series Eat-Man, which consisted of 19 volumes. Due to the success of the manga, it was adapted to an animated series. One of his more recent works, Blue Drop, has also been adapted to an anime series.


  • Eat-Man
  • 天才てれびくん アリス探偵局
  • 神子-KAMINOKO-(読み切り)
  • 海人-KAIJIN-(読み切り)
  • ローンナイト - 借金騎士 -
  • ローンナイト2 - 借金騎士 -
  • パンゲア挿絵
  • 吉富昭仁秀作集1 - サイファ戦記ビット
  • 吉富昭仁秀作集2 - ラブラブキュート
  • Black Jack - Yoshitomi Akihito edition
  • Ray
  • Avenger(短期連載)


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