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{{#invoke:Infobox|infobox}} Ai Nonaka (野中 藍 Nonaka Ai?, born June 8, 1981 in Sawara-ku, Fukuoka)Template:Category handler/numbered is a seiyū. She currently works for Aoni Production and was formerly a member of the seiyū unit DROPS, which included fellow seiyū Akemi Kanda, Tomoko Kaneda, Mariko Kōda, and Ryōko Shiraishi. In high school in Fukuoka, she was head of the drama club and her ambition was to play male roles in the famous all-female Takarazuka Revue.

Personal & Career

  • Learned figure skating at a young age, but ultimately gave up the sport due to persistent sequela caused by frostbite.
  • Had taken lessons on classical ballet before.
  • While she served as president in her high school drama club in Fukuoka, Nonaka had the ambition of playing male roles in Takarazuka Revue, but due to her height, she had to give up on that dream, and instead chose to pursue the path of becoming a seiyū.
  • She is an avid fan of Takarazuka Revue, especially towards the Moon Troupe.
  • Nonaka's initial interest in seiyū started after watching Yu Yu Hakusho. While self-proclaiming that she really would have preferred an acting career, but due to her height, as well as her interest in anime, she ultimately pursued voice acting after high school and graduated from the 21st batch of students from Aoni's Seiyū Coaching School (Tokyo branch).[1]
  • In December 2009, she announced both on her blog and web radio, "Radio Kouza Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou Dai Ichi" (ラジオ講座よくわかる現代魔法第一?)Template:Category handler/numbered episode 30[2], that she has passed and acquired level 2 certification in aromatherapy. This was again announced while Nonaka was featured in 25 January 2010 broadcast of Anison Plus.[3]
  • She has been featured three times in Anison Plus since the program started in 7 July 2008 (28-Jul-2008, 26-Jan-2009, 25-Jan-2010).[4]

Notable voice roles

Leading roles in bold.




Drama CD

  • Koroshiya San (Kyuu Onna san)
  • Toradora! Drama CD Vol. 2 (Kihara Maya)
  • Drama CD Himawari (Ariesu)
  • Drama CD Persona (Ayase Yuka)
  • Bouso Rettou ☆ Seishun Hen - Chihou no Jidai ga Yatte Kita! (Higuchi Kyouko)
  • Transistor Teaset - Denki Gairozu (Ooshiro Kagami)
  • MM! (Shizuka Sado)



Date Released Single Name
28 December 2005 Yume no Drive (夢のドライブ?)Template:Category handler/numbered
4 October 2006 Tokimeki no Kotoba (トキメキの言葉?)Template:Category handler/numbered
4 October 2006 LOVE@MESSENGER
8 August 2007 Cheer Ruuga! (チアルーガ!?)Template:Category handler/numbered
9 September 2007 Koi no Museum (恋のミュージアム?)Template:Category handler/numbered
10 October 2007 Ureshinaki (ウレシ泣キ?)Template:Category handler/numbered
14 January 2009 Datte Anata Wa Anata Da Kara Aka ver (だってあなたはあなただから あかver.?)Template:Category handler/numbered
Datte Anata Wa Anata Da Kara Ao ver (だってあなたはあなただから あおver.?)Template:Category handler/numbered


Date Released Album Name
1 February 2006 Ai no Uta (あいのうた?)Template:Category handler/numbered
6 December 2006 Shiawase No Iro (しあわせのいろ?)Template:Category handler/numbered
12 March 2008 Namida no Kiseki (ナミダノキセキ?)Template:Category handler/numbered
22 April 2009 Supplement (サプリメント?)Template:Category handler/numbered

Compilation Albums

Date Released Album Name
27 January 2010 Airenjā (アイレンジャー?)Template:Category handler/numbered


  • AI☆PON the FILMS (Released March 3, 2007)
  • AI NONAKA'S "NO TEARxNO LIVE 2008" (Released August 6, 2008)


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