Adam Deibert is an American musician and voice actor. Deibert played bass for the American indie rock band Bikeride. Previously, Deibert was a member of The Aquabats, performing with them as "Prince Adam" from 1994 to 2005. Deibert writes music for the Nick Jr. children's series Yo Gabba Gabba! Also, he provides the voice for Muno the Cyclops on the show.[1] An educated musician, Deibert studied at UCSB as a music composition major.[2]

Solo projects

Digital Unicorn

Digital Unicorn came into existence when the Aquabats' opening band fell apart. Prince Adam grabbed whatever was readily available for a costume, a mixtape, and a keyboard and went onstage. Digital Unicorn released only one album, Theirs Travel Began and Loaded the Dream.

Call Sound Call Noise

Call Sound Call Noise is Deibert's current solo project. He released a self-titled debut album on 13 March 2008.[2]


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