Ace is an original character, though he is possibly based


Name Ace
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Color Brunett
Eye Color Brown
First Appearance Volume 1, Ch. 2
Residence in Wonderland The Land of Hearts
Hobbies Collecting Clocks, Drinking

on the Knave of Hearts. He is the knight of Heart Castle and often gets lost even around his own home, some of the characters have even termed him to be "directionally challenged". Though, seemingly harmless at first, he becomes more devious over time and demonstrates a tendency towards violence. He is not necessarily malicious, but simply unsatisfied with his role and wants "things to change". He tells Peter White that he does not care for Alice to the extent that Peter does, but late admits that he is interested in her. Ace uses Alice as a shield when Peter threatens to shoot him and he helps Julius Monrey collect clocks from people who have died while killing those who get in his way. He almost kills Alice because she is changing everyone in Wonderland, but mentions that if he killed her, he couldn't hear her heartbeat anymore, so changes his mind.


Ace often seems like somewhat of a laid back character. He smiles and laughs a lot, and even indulges in excess amounts of alcohol. He expresses a liking for Alice because she is an outsider and he enjoys listening to her beating heart.

He often hides a somewhat tortured self. He desperately wishes to step down form his "role". He originally dawns a cape and mask in hopes that helping Julius Monrey with his work would be enough to anger the queen, however Vivaldi turns her cheek and allows Ace to continue this work. In desperation, Ace even seriously considers killing Alice in order o spark "change", but ultimately decides against this.


Ace first meets Alice in the forest one day when he becomes lost looking for the Clock Tower.

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