A Public Nuisance Train Man -Target of Legend- (痴漢電車男 ~伝説のターゲット~ Chikandenshaotoko ~Densetsu no Tāgetto?) is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Guilty, and was originally released for the PC on May 13, 2008.


Ono Norio is a businessman who works for trading company in Tokyo. On a certain morning he rode together in the same vehicle of the commuter train with two women who have the alias of the rare target of the legend even by public nuisance information exchange network "Public Nuisance Fan Club".

The angle while playing the public nuisance increases as the game progresses. Play can be enjoyed by a free aspect.


Matsunae Rino
Voiced by: Yasura Chatani
High-ranker of public nuisance target ranking that public nuisance information network 'Public Nuisance Fan club' recognizes.
Unfortunately, on the day using the train she is witnessed by Ono.
Because She feels a complex in her plump bust, when her chest is touched, she shows an intense rejection.
Age: The third grader in educational institution / Height: 160cm
Cherry Blossoms Swamp Lacqering
Voiced by: Konokanami
High-ranking target assumed to be legend of public nuisance target ranking that public nuisance information network 'Public Nuisance Fan Club' recognizes. There is no sighting from 'Fan Club' during this year. Though on face she seriously smoothes over, in mind she has character that is divided into inside and outside clearly so that not to be able to manage intense sexual desire.
Though she shows pretense that dislikes groping, secretly, she feels pleasure.
Age: 27 years old / Height: 169cm

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