For a definition of the word âge, see the Wiktionary entry âge.

âge is a division of ACID co., ltd., a Japanese publisher of adult video games and visual novels. They gained fame following the release of their 2001 adult visual novel Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

âge was formerly called relic, whom had developed video games for consoles. It was founded by Hirohiko Yoshida, Baka prince Persia, nanpuureima, Spin drill, CARNELIAN.

âge games are published in âge, mirage, φâge brands.

List of developed games


âge FC titles

mirage titles

  • Soko ni umi ga atte
  • anonymous

φâge titles

  • pikopiko ~koi suru kimochi no nemuru basho~

Published by third party

Third party titles

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