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+C: Sword and Cornett is a Japanese manga written by Yugyoji Tama about a young man called Belca who is the third prince in line to the throne and a conspiracy against him and the royal family. +C: Sword and Cornett is currently being serialized in Comic Zero-Sum published by Ichijinsha.


Belca Noctircus is the son of a commoner and the King of Noctircus. He is the third prince in the royal Noctircus family and is third in line for the throne. Soon after coming back from abroad, his brother and the crown prince of Noctircus, Hector, reveals his ambition to create peace with the Amontel, a race considered to be monsters, but mysteriously dies from a chronic disease. Belca and his other older brother, Orcelito discovers the conspiracy behind Hector's death and Belca is nearly killed because of it. However, he is saved by a wandering bard/scholar named Eco. Meanwhile Orcelito is taken by Koriko Lagen, a young nobleman, who manipulates him to do things by Lagen's bidding and wishes. Belca who originally hated the Amontels as he thought that they were the cause of his brother Hector's death eventually gets to know a group of Amontel and changes his mind about them, even trying to warn them of the impending dangers. The story goes on to uncover more conspiracies and hidden agendas within the palace and among the nobles.


Belca Noctircus
Belca Noctircus is the third prince in the royal Noctirous family and is the main protagonist. He is not of pure royal blood like his two older brothers, Hector and Orcelito and younger sister, Musca. Since his father had an affair with a commoner woman, Belca is often looked down with scorn and pity. He is often insulted and made fun of and is disliked by his younger sister Musca. Belca hates the castle life and wishes to leave but he admires his elder brother Hector and hopes that if one day the kingdom is ruled by a "weird guy" (Hector) and a "serious guy" (Orcelito) he might just want to stay. However, before Hector's coronation ceremony, he is apparently killed by his chronic disease. A while later, Belca discovers the conspiracy behind his oldest brother's death and is now being pursued by the elders. He now travels with Eco and often has to cross-dress as a woman called Mariebelle to avoid being captured. Belca is also often confused and surprised by a lot of things such as warm food outside of the castle and how much his ring is worth. He is skilled with the sword and at the start of the story he hates the Amontel since he believes that they indirectly caused Hector's death. As the story goes we see that he is a kind and naive young man who loves his friends and siblings very much, and that he will never let them suffer for him.
Eco is a wandering bard and scholar and is also a main protagonist. He sings people's songs and records history while at the same time teaches. He wishes to sing Belca's song which is all the reason why he follows Belca and helps him. He was first introduced when he saved Belca after he is pushed off a cliff by Lagen and is seriously wounded. Eco tended to Belca's wounds and fed him and hid him from the district soldiers. When Belca ran away in an attempt to reenter the castle and Sana, he helps him from being caught by soldiers and cross-dresses along with Belca. Eco knows a lot of people and has a lot of friends scattered about. He was captured by his old friend Dietrich who back stabbed him but escaped later with the help of an old maid by the name of Anette. His past is unknown but it seems that he has some connection to the Lagen family.
Linna Dzintars Orhaldi
Linna is a Guard Captain of Sana and the third main protagonist, who retired in order to serve and protect Belca. He first met Belca when Belca and Eco disguised themselves as women to escape the City Guards. When Belca's identity was revealed to Linna, Linna decided to follow and serve Belca by helping him to get back to the Neue Favrille Castle to fnd Orcelito. Linna is an honest and kind person who seems to have a firm belief in rules and regulations, while still trying to achieve Belca's goals.
Orcelito Noctircus
Orcelito Noctircus is a supporting character and was the second prince in line of the throne. Since his older brother Hector was assassinated, he is now in line of the throne. He is much more serious and mature than both Hector, Musca, and Belca but he is also soft spoken. He often admonishes Musca for badmouthing Belca and his heritage-especially his mother. He loves both Belca and Hector and he too, discovered the conspiracy but is kept quiet and is also locked up by Lagen. He was threatened with the life of Musca and couldn't do anything so he now cooperates with Lagen and the Elders. It was revealed that he is actually an accomplice of Lagen later in the manga, showing a more dark and twisted side of him but still caring for his beloved siblings.
Musca Noctircus
Musca is a supporting character and is the youngest child in the royal Noctitcus family. She appears to be bratty and snotty since she is used to getting whatever she wants whenever she wants. She also has an odd habit of talking in third person every once in a while. Musca used to look down on Belca with scorn and disliked him in the beginning of the series. However, as the series progresses, her opinion of him changes and she often refers to him as "Commoner's Child" or just Belca. She tries to make contact with him now since Orcelito appears to be ignoring her in her opinion and somewhat looks fondly to Belca. Earlier, Lagen had been poisoning Musca was a less harmful poison that only made her feel sick and feverish. Ossan, her self appointed "knight" realized this and told her the truth. Musca realizes this and runs away.
Hector was first in line to the throne and is a supporting character. He very kindhearted but will speak his mind and rather vigorous. He is also skilled with the sword and often comforted Belca when they were young and saved Belca from being killed by his instructor when they were older and early in the series. Hector is also one of the few people that think that the Amontel should be recognized as humans and not monsters or slaves.
Kiliko Lagen
Lagen supported and contributed with the assassination of Hector and is a main antagonist. He wants to rule Sana and is very manipulative. He was the one who pushed Belca off of the cliff. Lagen conducts experiments on the Amontel and is the son of one of the Elders. He wants to vanquish the Elders and not much is known about him or his past.
The Amontel is a race of mountain people with white hair, dark skin, and red eyes. They are looked down upon by the rest of society and are captures and sold into slaves. They have much higher senses than average people and are considered as monsters. The Amontel are deeply hated by most people. They call themselves the Hokulea.



The series is currently being serialized in the magazine Comic Zero-Sum published by Ichijinsha. It began serialization in 2008 and is still a running manga.

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